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    Since 1999, We have helped people all over the country by fixing their credit helping them to qualify for mortgage loans. The Fundamental thing to know during this time spent repairing your credit quickly is out most important and the Goal is also to leave our program fewer negative accounts on your credit.

    Strong Credit Repair Services

    We take pride from being a leader in the history of credit repair industry and it is our promise to excellence that has helped us to guarantee a successful family of satisfied customers over the years. Stressing on a personalized work approach, we treat every credit report case with complete urgency and this has helped us to evolve as one top destination for people who are looking for convenient and timely credit repair services. We have the much-needed endorsements and recommendations from the major financial institutions, banks, and mortgage providers, and as such it is easier for us to take necessary actions that are required to make your credit report glitch-free. 


    Credit Examination

    Our attorneys will carefully review your credit report for any item that is inaccurate, misleading, incomplete, and/or unverifiable in any way.

    Seeing Guaranteed Results

    After the bureaus respond to our disputes, will start to see improvement in your credit. Time depends on the number of items filed.

    1-on-1 Plan

    After we discover your areas of improvement or the disputes available on your credit, your personal Case Advisor will fight for you.

    Credit Management

    Not only we fight for you to improve your credit score, we also setup a credit management system so you can keep track of your progress.

    Attorney Advantage

    By implementing audits and enforcing federal laws and acts of Congress, the lawyers at Strong Credit Repair will start free low credit scores.

    Enjoy Better Credit

    Finance your dream home, a new car, save on interest rates, get lower insurance premiums and eliminate down payments with better credit.


    Easy online application. Wonderful, personal service from start to finish. Real People who care about making you comfortable along the way.
    Manager, Finances
    I lost my job in 2009 and it messed up my credit pretty bad. The staff at helped me get back on track. They really took the time to explain everything to me as they were doing it. Thanks for the help, guys!!
    Manager, Finances
    These guys were upfront and honest with me about what they could and couldn’t do regarding my credit report. So far they have done a great job and I am seeing a big improvement in my score.
    Paul Van Pesek
    ABC Company
    I would advise everyone who is suffering from low scores or negative items on your report to get help from Top Credit Repair. I will never quit them until score reaches 850.
    ABC Company



    Inaccurate information or a single negative item on your credit reports can lower your credit Strong Credit Repair with all three major credit bureaus. Low Strong Credit Repair can affect your chances to obtain lower interest rates for home mortgages and auto loans. It also will increase your auto insurance rates and affect your ability to obtain employment. Strong Credit Repairhas been very successful in the past with removing negative credit items. Although you can attempt to do this yourself, many individuals have found that it becomes very frustrating and time-consuming when they do not achieve the results that we can provide. The fact is that the credit bureaus may choose to ignore your attempts or choose not to re-investigate the negative items at all.

    Yes, in most states the law requires that you be licensed.

    Progressively generate synergistic total linkage through cross-media intellectual capital. Enthusiastically parallel task team building e-tailers without standards compliant initiatives.

    The bureaus must respond in 30 days of the dispute. Within the first 60 days you will start to see improvement in your credit report. Depending on the number of negative items appearing on your credit reports will determine the duration of time that services will be needed.

    Progressively generate synergistic total linkage through cross-media intellectual capital. Enthusiastically parallel task team building e-tailers without standards compliant initiatives.

    No, do not apply for any new credit because it will interfere with the process of restoring your credit and void our guarantee.

    You will receive updated credit reports about every 2-3 weeks until your account is completed. As items are disputed, the bureaus will forward correspondence directly to you regarding the progress of the disputes.

    Send the original reports to Direct Credit fix and make copies for your records.

    Submitting a properly-written dispute letter is extremely important while concerning on the clearing of credit report. Sending an inappropriately-written dispute letter to the credit bureau might prove to be quite dearer for the person as, such a vital document assist in receiving in multiple valuable purposes including a job, loan or even a new home.

    Owning a home is a long-driven wish of people for which they take a lot of sincere efforts. Home is the ideal place that we look as our shelter during bad times. Home is a place that witnesses our joyful moments as well as our days of despair. However, buying a home is quite a difficult prospect mostly, because of the poor credit history.

    Whilst there are several problems that generally arise due to a bad credit score, especially when you have to opt for borrowing options, there are various loopholes that can sanction the loan even with a bad credit score. However the prime question that still remains is whether a bad credit really has numerous drawbacks that it carries?

    Fixing a poor credit report is of prime importance for an individual and the entire task must be completed in a minimum number of days as possible. However, there is no such appropriate answer to the question that how much time is required for it. Individuals with the need of so often face problems as in case of urgent requirement, they end up in facing delays to make the purchase or losing their chance of getting a loan.

    There are numerous laws and regulations provided to the customers, which give them the ability to interrogate the creditors regarding those accounts that are finally reported or submitted to the credit bureaus. Everything that gets appeared within a credit report must encounter the three basic consumer protection standards.

    It is obvious that you are feeling overwhelmed with high credit card debts. But do not think that you are not alone. For those people who are carrying a balance in their credit cards month after months, they may also suffer from bad credits. There are several ways to get rid of the bad credits if you have any.