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Our lawyers will look over your credit report carefully to find anything that is wrong, false, missing, or otherwise not true.

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The lawyers at Strong Credit Repair will start free low credit scores by doing exams and following federal laws and acts of Congress.

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After we find out where your credit could be better or where there are problems, your special Case Advisor will fight for you.

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We'll work to raise your credit score and set you up with a credit management system so you can keep tabs on the process.

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After the bureaus answer to our complaints, your credit will start to get better. How long it takes depends on how many things you file.

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A higher credit score opens the door to numerous financial advantages, such as reduced interest rates on mortgages and car insurance premiums.

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Since 1999, We have helped people all over the country by fixing their credit helping them to qualify for mortgage loans. The Fundamental thing to know during this time spent repairing your credit quickly is out most important and the Goal is also to leave our program fewer negative accounts on your credit.

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Earl Robinson
Earl Robinson
Great service is when you never have to step into an office, fax in all your documents, pay your fee and watch your credit score go up within a month. I have a busy schedule and they accommodated me. They delivered more than I expected. That’s great business!
Eloise French
Eloise French
I am very Business oriented person. I need results. I found the reviews for this company and decided to give them a try. When Mr Kobina realized that I was business oriented, he cut with the small talk and let me know what needed to be done. He didn’t waste my time or lead me on. He explained their process and let me know what to expect. Needless to say, that I will be sending some more business their way.
Israel Jackson
Israel Jackson
I just started working with this company. My son had a great experience and referred me to them. I am now getting ready to refinance my house with a great rate and it’s only been 2 months.
Maria Castillo
Maria Castillo
I never thought that I would be able to help my credit. It was really bad. I gave these guys a try and it feels like I have a new lease on life. My score is over 670 now from and embarrassing 520. You have no idea how thankful I am.
Candi Baldwin
Candi Baldwin
Very good company. I had a great experience with Demitri. Everyone was super nice. I don’t want to them 5 stars yet since the service is not all the way done. So far, all my issues have been addressed and my late payment negatives are disappearing from my report and my score is quickly moving in the right direction. I will add to this review when everything is complete.
Kent Patton
Kent Patton
I really needed help and it was very hard for me to their 3 month payment plan. I was skeptical at first about paying $299 a month, but two months in, my score has almost gone up 100 pts! If that's not convincing, wow
Gemma Tracy
Gemma Tracy
Strong credit repair Took care of me. I am so confident when I am applying for credit now. They were able to get things removed from my credit report without any hassle or hustle on my end.
Ethel Hall
Ethel Hall
After the initial consult, the staff made me feel very comfortable With all of my questions answered, I am confident that I can finally tackle my credit issues.
Pauls Pettigrew
Pauls Pettigrew
The representatives for this company work immediately and very effectively. I have only been with them for a few days now and they are following up to make sure I have a clear understanding of my responsibilities. I am impressed so far. I will follow up with results soon.
April James
April James
I have only been using these guys for a month now and my score has already increased by 40 points. All I have done is follow their directions paying my bills way before its due. It’s been working.!

Strong Credit Repair Services

We take pride from being a leader in the history of credit repair industry and it is our promise to excellence that has helped us to guarantee a successful family of satisfied customers over the years. Stressing on a personalized work approach, we treat every credit report case with complete urgency and this has helped us to evolve as one top destination for people who are looking for convenient and timely credit repair services. We have the much-needed endorsements and recommendations from the major financial institutions, banks, and mortgage providers, and as such it is easier for us to take necessary actions that are required to make your credit report glitch-free. 


We can also tell you about real, legal, and honest ways to fix your credit for people who are starting over after a hard time. The best way to be successful and happy is to have enough money to do whatever you want. Contact us if you need help from a credit repair service you can trust.

credit repair service in USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Using our credit repair service is a long term investment. The major credit reporting agencies can have consequences, for individuals with unfavorable information on their credit reports. This can impact mortgage and car loan interest rates, insurance rates and even employment opportunities. Trying to handle the correction process on your own can be overwhelming and less effective than expected. Credit reporting agencies may choose to ignore disputes or not thoroughly investigate information submitted to them. Repair Credit has a proven track record of disputing and removing items from clients credit reports offering a time and cost effective solution to protect your reputation in the financial world.

Yes we are licensed in regions as required by law.

We prioritize safeguarding your privacy by implementing strategies across media types. Our systems and processes are regularly updated to maintain security standards in line, with industry norms.
To demonstrate our commitment, to you in this age we will always be transparent and diligent in our efforts to protect your best interests.

The time it takes to repair your credit depends on factors and the complexity of each situation. To enhance our processes we combine types of information and expertise. Furthermore we collaborate closely with a team to ensure that all our procedures are both effective and compliant with the law. While we strive for efficiency our primary focus is on accuracy in order to achieve your goals. Therefore please bear with us patiently as we work diligently towards restoring your credit.

Our proficiency across media platforms enables us to seamlessly integrate with service providers. We have developed an approach that fosters partnerships with platforms and e commerce websites. Moreover we prioritize adhering to industry standards ensuring compatibility and reliability. Our solutions are designed to be compatible with a range of service providers, in the market so that you can choose the ones that best suit your needs.

It is strongly recommended to avoid applying for credit while you are, in the process of repairing your credit. Doing so could potentially hinder your efforts to improve your credit and importantly would make our guarantee void and worthless. If you want to see results it’s important to be patient and allow the natural mending process to take its course.

long as you have an account with us we will periodically send you an updated copy of your credit report every 2 to 3 weeks. The credit reporting companies will also keep you informed about the progress of each dispute that we handle on your behalf.

Once you receive them please promptly forward your credit reports. Supporting documents to Repair Credit Fix. However it is advisable to create duplicates for security purposes. If you document the procedures you can always refer back. Review them on. This not ensures that we take action but also serves as documentation.

To write a dispute letter, for a credit report follow these guidelines;It is extremely important to respond to credit report requests and other correspondence related to your credit. Make sure to send the documents to the organization providing assistance and keep copies for your records.

When you notice any errors, on your credit report it is crucial to address them by writing a letter of dispute. This letter can be immensely helpful in rectifying any mistakes found on your credit report. However it’s worth noting that handwriting the letter might hinder your efforts and potentially impact opportunities like loans, employment prospects or even purchasing a home. To maximize the chances of getting errors on your credit report corrected ensure that your dispute letter is well written and includes all information.

Purchasing a house is a milestone in life as it provides both a residence and a place where cherished memories are made. A home holds value than what meets the eye; it can serve as a sanctuary during times of need. Be the backdrop for countless joyous moments. However for individuals with than perfect credit the path, to homeownership can be challenging. A low credit score may result in interest rates or stricter qualifications when applying for a mortgage loan.
If you have a, than perfect credit history don’t worry! It is still possible to buy a house with the preparation, patience and persistence.

When you’re working on improving your credit score it’s important to know where to seek help and what steps to take. According to consumer protection laws individuals have the right to dispute or challenge any account reported by creditors to the credit bureaus. To ensure your rights as a consumer are protected and any inconsistencies or errors are resolved it’s an idea to consult with a credit restoration service or an experienced financial advisor who understands credit reporting laws.

If you want to eliminate your credit card debt and improve your credit score having a plan, in place is essential. Consider these tips;

Start by creating a budget that carefully tracks your income and expenses.
Here’s the paraphrased version;

  • To effectively manage your finances and tackle credit card debt, its important to have an understanding of where your money’s being spent. By identifying your expenses you can allocate funds, towards paying off your credit card balances.
  • It’s advisable to go beyond the minimum payment requirement on your credit cards each month in order to make progress in reducing your debt. This way you can break free from the cycle of high interest charges that can trap you indefinitely.
  • When it comes to paying off credit card debt people often opt for one of two strategies. The first is known as the “debt snowball” method, which involves making payments towards the amount owed. The alternative approach is called the “debt avalanche,” where priority is given to tackling interest rates before focusing on payments. It’s important to choose a strategy that aligns with your values and financial capabilities.
  • If you find yourself juggling high interest credit card obligations you may want to consider options such as consolidating them through a loan or balance transfer credit card. This consolidation can help lower interest costs. Provide a manageable monthly payment structure.
  • Additionally it might be worth negotiating with your credit card companies, for an interest rate. If you have a history of making payments they may be willing to work with you and offer some flexibility in reducing the interest charged on balances.

If you’re, in need of assistance with managing your finances you might consider reaching out to a non profit credit counseling organization. They can serve as your representatives. Work with you to develop a debt management plan that suits your needs and helps you regain control.

For the time being it’s advisable to refrain from using your credit cards to prevent debt accumulation. You could even go the mile. Cut them up or perhaps store them in the freezer as a visual reminder of your commitment to resolving your current financial obligations.

Explore options for boosting your income such as taking on a job, freelancing or selling some of your belongings. The additional funds can be directed towards paying off your credit card balances

While working towards clearing off your existing bill make it a point to avoid accumulating any charges on your credit cards.

Regularly check for inaccuracies on your credit report. By disputing any errors you come across you can ensure that your credit score accurately reflects the state of affairs.

If keeping up with payments on your credit card debt has become overwhelming. There seems to be no relief in sight seeking guidance from a bankruptcy attorney or financial counselor who can navigate through the complexities of bankruptcy may be worth considering.

Investing some money into expanding your knowledge, about credit and budgeting can greatly improve how effectively you manage finances.
To steer clear of credit card debt it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with money management practices.

It’s important to keep in mind that it will require both time and discipline to pay off your credit card debt. If you want to achieve success, in clearing your debt and improving your credit score it is crucial to stick to your repayment plan and make sure you never skip a payment.

Credit Repair 101: Everything To Know About Credit Score Repair

Radius Global Solutions strong credit repairThe Covid-19 pandemic has been devastating us since early 2020 and has had a huge influence on the financial sector globally, including the dramatic decline in consumer credit consumption. The number of loan defaults has increased at the same time that use is declining. The majority of individuals today, especially those in the middle to lower economic classes, rely heavily on credit, making this a devastating event.
Credit is used for many things in our life, including paying for our children’s education and purchasing a car or home.
Although credit is something that most people blame for their financial woes, it has also been a blessing for certain people as well. It’s not about the credit itself, but rather knowing how to handle it sensibly given our degree of risk and competence. Credit has allowed people to fulfill their basic needs quicker and easier than they should have.
Because of this, losing the ability to pay your credit will significantly lower your quality of life.

What Is Credit Score

A person’s ability to repay credit debt is indicated by their credit score, which is merely a number. Bill-paying history, current outstanding debt, the quantity and type of loans you have, the length of time the account has been open, the amount of available credit that is presently being used, and the amount of credit that you are now requesting for make up your credit score.
Your credit score also takes into account some of the negative entries in your credit history, such as whether you have any outstanding debt or whether it has been forcibly collected, a foreclosure, or even bankruptcy.
Your credit score increases in direct proportion to how responsibly you have handled your debt and how legally you have carried out your payment obligations. Additionally, a higher credit score can persuade a possible lender you may use in the future to grant you a loan with less difficulty. Having a high credit score also makes it simple to request a larger loan and a longer loan term.
Despite the fact that there are numerous credit score models, generally speaking, the range is as follows:
300-579: Poor
580-669: Fair
670-739: Good
740-799: Outstanding
800-850: Superb
Now, let’s take a look at the history of credit scores before we dig deeper into what they are, why they are used, and how to improve them.

The History Of Credit Score

Surprisingly, despite the fact that the use of loans and credit dates back more than 2,000 years, the credit score has only recently been popular. Even more astonishing is the fact that the foundation for credit ratings was laid nearly 200 years ago.
An odd component of an economic system is a credit score. It’s a component of the financial revolution that fuels the growth of the so-called “American Dream,” as well. a component that upholds modern capitalism in America.
The technique of credit scoring, which was formerly known as credit reporting, was first noted in the 1820s by commercial lenders who sought to assess the risk associated with examining their potential clients. The Bradstreet Company and R.G. Dun & Co. were the two most well-known credit rating firms by the middle of the nineteenth century. To predict the risk element of applicants for commercial credit, both of these businesses created alphanumeric scores.
However, as it was during the height of immigration to the USA, the system was criticized for being unjust. Critics claimed that the scoring system favored one set of people while degrading the other.
The FICO Scoring system was not created until the 1970s, when the system had finally reached maturity.
FICO Scoring Method
The Fair Isaac Corporation developed a credit scoring system called FICO (FICO). When calculating creditworthiness, FICO ratings consider information from five categories: payment history, current debt load, credit kinds used, length of credit history, and new credit accounts.
Today, FICO scores are employed in more than 90% of American credit decisions. Additionally, even if prospective borrowers may have justifications for bad items on their credit record, having a low FICO score will still be a deal-breaker for the majority of lending institutions.

How Credit Score Is Calculated

You must first realize that you have more than one credit score. Depending on how scoring is used to calculate them, there are several credit scores. But generally, five factors are taken into account while determining your credit score.
Payment Record
Your payment history is among the first items a credit scorer will check. The history of your payments will reveal if you pay your bills on time, whether you’ve ever missed a payment, how many days past the due date you pay your bills, and how recently missed payments have occurred.
One of the key things you should avoid in this part is to never have a payment that is past due for more than 30 days. This will severely hurt your credit score.
Your payment history, the amount of accounts with past-due balances, and whether you’ve kept the accounts current are all taken into account when determining your credit score.
Your rating will increase the more committed you are to making your payment. On the other hand, every payment you miss will lower your credit score.
Debt Amount Your loan amount, the number and kind of accounts you have, and the percentage of your loan relative to your available credit are all taken into account when calculating your score in this category.
Your credit score will be negatively impacted by high balances and maxed-out credit cards, but lesser amounts with timely payments can actually improve it. Your credit score may momentarily suffer if you take out new loans with minimal payment history, but debts that are closer to being paid off might raise it because they have a successful payment history.
Credit Forms Applied
Your present forms of credit will also be taken into account by the credit scorer. Installment loans and revolving debt (such as credit cards) are some of them (such as mortgages, home equity, auto, student, and personal loans).
The number of each type of account you have is another issue. Your ability to manage a variety of debts at once will be evaluated by both the credit rating firm and potential lenders. Your reliability with regard to your debt will be demonstrated.
Credit History Duration
Your credit score will increase the longer you have a history of making on-time loan payments. When taking into account your credit history, credit scoring algorithms typically take into account the average age of your credit. For this reason, you want to think about keeping your accounts open and active.
Credit may be viewed negatively by certain people, who may avoid receiving more of it. But in reality, having some form of credit—even if you just use it sparingly—and paying it off on time is preferable to having none at all.
Unusual Credit Activity
It may be a sign that you are having financial problems and need assistance if you open a new credit account in your name. Because of this, some people decide not to get a new credit card.
However, once you have these fresh credits, credit scoring algorithms will also take into account your subsequent behavior. And if you follow the terms of payment and make payments on time every time, your credit score could increase.

Checking Credit Score Online

Because of the widespread availability of the internet in today’s world, determining your credit score is no longer a time-consuming or difficult process. You can check your credit score online for free at a number of different websites, and doing so will help you get ready for the next time you need to apply for credit.

What Credit Score Is Considered Good

The majority of people with credit scores of 580 or more will be able to acquire a loan, even though the ranges depend on the credit scoring algorithm. A lender is more likely to trust you and believe you are worth lending money to if your credit score is higher (up to 800). This will allow you additional time to get a loan or possibly a greater credit limit.
Lenders typically consider consumers with credit scores of 670 or above to be responsible or low-risk. As “subprime borrowers,” those with credit scores between 580 and 669 may have difficulty obtaining loans with better terms. People with credit scores under 580 are typically categorized as having “bad” credit and may experience difficulty obtaining credit or better loan terms.

Why Credit Score Went Down

You now have a better understanding of what a credit score is, how it is calculated, why it is significant, and how the business that creates credit ratings determines your score. However, did you realize that a variety of factors could damage your credit and lower it? The following eight actions could harm your credit score and should be avoided.
Payment is more than 30 days overdue.
As was already said, a significant factor in determining your credit score is your payment history. According to FICO, it accounts for up to 35% of your credit score.
However, it’s not as if a minor error will immediately lower your credit score. A couple of days or even a week of late payments might not be reflected on your credit report. However, the card firm will notify the credit bureaus of a late payment if it is more than 30 days overdue. Your credit score will suffer greatly if this occurs.
The number will suffer much more if your payment is overdue by more than 60 or even 90 days.
Therefore, using a calendar or even an automatic payment is the easiest approach to ensure you never miss a payment if you have multiple credit loans.
Your credit card was retired.
If you close a credit card account, there are two factors that could lower your credit score. First off, your credit limit decreases if you lose or close a credit card. The system will believe you can’t handle it if your credit limit decreases since you will have less credit to manage.
The average duration of your credit history is shortened when you close a credit card, which is the second factor that could lower your credit score. The longer an account has been open, the more its closure could alter your average account age. Before you close your oldest credit accounts, consider whether you actually need to.
We’ve submitted your delinquent bill to collections.
You could believe that a credit rating firm simply considers your loans and credit cards, but there are other factors as well. Your credit score may be impacted by your recurring phone and utility payments.
The service provider may submit your account to a collection agency, which will mark your account, if you don’t pay some of your payments on time. Additionally, having a collection agency mark your account would significantly lower your credit score.
You’re completing a new credit card application.
You increase the lender’s risk when you apply for a new credit account or are already approved for one. Additionally, according to FICO, creating a new credit account accounts for 10% of your overall credit score.
However, there is a catch. Your credit score will decline if you apply for a new credit account, but the impact won’t last more than a year. And throughout that period, if you follow the guidelines and don’t make any credit mistakes, your credit score will gradually increase or return to where it was.
The rate of credit consumption has changed.
Because it demonstrates how much of your available credit you are currently utilizing, the credit utilization rate is a crucial factor in determining your credit score. Due to its significance, 30% of your credit score’s overall weight is given to it by FICO.
A significant purchase, such as a trip or a new piece of furniture, can force you to use more of your credit than you otherwise would, which could lower your credit score. nevertheless, how much? It is dependent on numerous other factors. Make sure that only 30% or less of your credit is being used to be safe.
Limit of credit decreases
Even if your spending stays the same, if you hold a balance on a credit card with a low credit limit, your credit utilization increases and your credit score decreases.
You are only utilizing 30% of your credit limit if your credit card has a $10,000 maximum and you charge and pay $3,000 per month. However, the individuals who issued you your credit card abruptly and without informing you decided to reduce your limit to $5,000. Your credit utilization will quickly increase to 60%. Your credit score won’t be improved by doing this.
Keep an eye on your credit card limit each month to see if it fluctuates a lot. You can avoid this if you use that credit card less and transfer the funds to another one when the limit suddenly drops.
Your credit score will drastically decline if you declare bankruptcy or file for bankruptcy. But things won’t stay this way forever. Your bankruptcy will disappear from your credit history after 7–10 years, and you’ll likely acquire a new credit card. You can be eligible for a new credit card even if you have declared bankruptcy. In such situation, repairing your credit would be more difficult because you will be judged against those who have never declared bankruptcy.
Identity or credit card theft
The worst thing that might happen to your credit score is for someone to steal your identity and apply for a credit card or loan in your name. This is why it’s crucial to continue monitoring your credit.
You can determine if there is a problem with your credit score by keeping a careful eye on your credit score and credit report. You should notify the credit bureaus right away if you see a change on your credit account that shouldn’t have happened and you are certain that nothing improper has been done. Additionally, you can start by temporarily freezing all of your credit accounts if you want to slow down identity theft.

Benefit Of Better Credit Score

But why is a high credit score required?
Do having a decent, or even exceptional, credit score, serve our interests?

Loans of any kind, including credit ones, are not as horrible as people make them out to be.
Even some of the wealthiest individuals use debt to increase profits and ostensibly “game” the system.
The key is in how you strategically use the product to your advantage, not what it is or what it has generally caused.

Because you will benefit greatly from having a sufficient credit score, let alone an amazing one.
This list is provided.

Greater Probability Of Loan Approval

Numerous individuals have said that all financial institutions despise them.
They appear to have a modest income and all of their credit applications have been denied.
While it’s possible that lenders will also consider your income and other commitments when determining whether you qualify for a credit loan, the importance of your credit score is equal to or even greater.

When applying for credit or a loan, having a good credit score will make things simpler for you.
Even though your salary is low, if you have excellent credit, you might still be authorized for credit with a smaller limit.

Loans With Lower Interest Rates

When you take out loans or credit, different interest rates apply.
The key factor affecting interest rates is your credit score, which is dependent on a few factors.
With a high credit score, you have the best chance of receiving the lowest interest rate.

The loan will be easier to pay off and you’ll have more money to spare to spend on other things if the interest rate is lower.

Higher Credit Limits Are Simple To Get

Your income and credit score are used to determine how much credit or loan you are eligible for.
If you have a high salary but a low credit score, it will appear that you are not managing your money well.
As a result, getting a greater credit limit will still be difficult for you.

However, if you have strong credit but a modest income, the lender will be more willing to grant you the largest limit available based on your income.

Additional Housing Options

A home is not an easy decision to make.
The comfort and standard of life for your family depends on how well your home is built and equipped.
However, it’s challenging to obtain a mortgage for a home if you have a low credit score because the lender will undoubtedly do so.

And isn’t it annoying when you have to accept less simply because you aren’t able to choose a better choice due to your credit score?

That is why it’s important to have a decent credit score.
An easier time requesting a house with a greater price, better location, and even more loans to fill your house is possible if you have strong credit.

lower insurance rates

In addition to helping you with loans, having a strong credit score will make dealing with insurance easier.
Your insurance rate, and consequently the amount of the premium you must pay, are determined by an insurance company using data from your credit report.
It’s because the bigger danger you represent for the insurance provider to cover, the lower your credit score is.

A research by insuranceQuotes found that those with fair credit (a FICO score of 580–669) paid 39% more for auto insurance.
Paying 103% extra made things worse for those with bad credit (a FICO score under 580).

An improved portfolio for prospective employers

Some companies run a background check on you and ask for information on your credit score, especially if you work in finance or need a security clearance.
This is because having good credit means you can afford things and are not easily bought off.

It is crucial to check your credit score before applying for a job because of this.
The reason being that a red letter on your credit report isn’t always an indication that you’ve made poor financial decisions.
It might just be the case that the data has some flaws.

Enhanced Credit Card Reward

You will also be qualified for a better credit reward, such as a vacation reward or cash-back reward, and it will be simpler for you to apply for a credit or a greater limit.
Lenders will give you a higher ranking on their list of possible customers if you have a strong or excellent credit score since they will view you as a better

Power To Bargain Loan Terms

The ability to utilize a high credit score as “ammunition” when negotiating loan terms is the final advantage.
The next lender you visit may offer you better terms, such as cheaper rates, longer payback terms, and better rewards, if you take your credit statement with you and use it after having various lenders and officials examine your credit score.

How Do I Raise My Credit Score?

I think you’ll agree that having a good credit score is like receiving a gift.
But how can we exactly raise our credit score?
Well, there are numerous ways to raise your credit score, and the first is to always make your loan repayments on time.
However, if you genuinely want to take steps to improve your credit score, follow these instructions:

Study all Credit Loans

You must first understand your credit and loan situation.
By “know,” we meant that you had to list every credit card and loan you’ve ever taken out.
Calculate how much is still owed, the interest rate, the deadline for payment, and, most importantly, how long it will take to pay everything off.

Paying down your loans strategically

The next one is to deliberately pay them off all.
Even so, what does that mean?

When used wisely, credit cards can improve your credit score, so they’re fantastic to have if you know how to utilize them.
Because the lender will presume you are exceptional at managing your funds, a low usage rate (between 7% and 30% at most) is ideal.
To ensure that the lender will send your credit report to the credit bureaus with flying colors and offer you a high credit score, make sure the debt stays within the limit.

Paying them off each month before the due date is also crucial, in addition to having a low utilization rate.

Buy a credit booster

Getting a new credit-building card is another approach to raise your credit score.
A credit card with a high interest rate and low limit is considered a credit booster if you only use it occasionally each month.
Even while your credit score will suffer when you first get this new credit, it will still be to your credit’s advantage.

Dealing with accounts for collections

When a debt is past due for more than 30 days, your creditors will report you to a collection agency, which will significantly lower your credit score.
Furthermore, this one will always appear in the system and lower your credit score, regardless of how many other good credits you have.

Therefore, pay them off first before getting in touch with the lender to discuss this account.
Once finished, it won’t significantly impact your credit score, and you can begin to rebuild it.

Use A Credit Repair Service

What if, though, you don’t know how to do any of that?
Or perhaps you don’t have enough resources or time to manage all your debt?
Hiring a credit repair business is the straightforward option.

What Is A Credit Repair Company

The phrase “credit repair” implies exactly what it says. It is a company that aids in credit score repair. You might find it challenging to obtain a loan for your business or to buy a home or car due to your poor credit rating. However, if you attempt to fix it on your own, you are at a loss as to where to begin and even what is wrong with your credit score. An organization that fixes credit can step in at this point.
On the other side, credit counseling organizations are typically non-profit organizations whose aim is to instruct you on how to manage your money, debt, and general cash flow.
A credit repair firm is a third-party agency that offers to work on your behalf when you contact the credit bureaus about the concerns with your credit score. They will assist you in removing outdated and inaccurate information, as well as assisting in the gradual improvement of your credit score.

How Does Credit Repair Really Work

The credit repair business will typically start by requesting copies of your credit report from each credit bureau. Next, they will assess and examine the report to see if there are any irregularities. Additionally, they will search for negative marks like charge-offs, tax liens, and bankruptcies.
Then, they will begin formulating a strategy for contesting errors and haggling with creditors to have those items removed from your report. Please be aware that even though a credit repair firm will make every effort to remove the negative information from your report, they won’t assert anything that isn’t accurate on your behalf.
The business will then advise you on the next steps to take in order to raise your credit score, such as applying for a new, manageable credit card, deciding which credit card to pay in full first, and how to manage your credit moving forward.
How To Locate The Top Credit Repair Firm
There are many credit repair businesses available if you need one. Even if not all of them are legitimate, some could be frauds out to get your money or your sensitive personal information for their own gain. So, these are the three main criteria you should consider before choosing a credit repair company.
With the credit repair, you will deal with sensitive and private information. Because of this, you must make sure that the credit repair company keeps you informed of the status of their work at all times. An honest and reliable credit repair business will keep you regularly informed about the status of any continuing credit repair work or even any new credit score queries.
Consumer Assistance
A company with exceptional customer service may be advantageous to you and cause you less stress because the credit restoration procedure may take weeks or even more than a month. Good customer service entails giving you a thorough update on your credit repair procedure and properly communicating each step along the way.
Good Scores
When the Better Business Bureau requests a review and rating of their business, a legitimate credit repair company won’t be intimidated. That’s because a positive Business Bureau rating will surely increase a customer’s confidence and trust when making a business decision.
No easy solutions
It’s difficult to restore a credit score that has been damaged for a long time. Both you and the business must invest time and effort into the process. You need to focus on rebuilding your credit score over time in addition to resolving the data dispute in your credit report.
Because there are no quick fixes in credit restoration, a legitimate and respected credit score provider won’t guarantee that they can raise your score in a matter of days.
Money-Back Promises
According to the law, credit repair businesses must provide customers with a three-day, no-questions-asked money-back promise. Some even go so far as to provide a 30- to 90-day money-back guarantee. It’s because a trustworthy and legitimate business will always provide you a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the results of their efforts.
No Obligation
You are dealing with private and sensitive information about your financial history when you work on credit restoration. A reputable credit repair business will always remind you to submit the required paperwork because they genuinely want to assist you without putting any pressure on you. At the same time, con artists who merely want to get your information will put pressure on you to respond as quickly as possible.
Red Flags For Companies That Repair Credit
Then, as was already indicated, you should exercise caution because there are scams in the credit repair sector. More than half of the complaints the CFPB received concerning credit restoration contained alleged fraud or scams, the agency stated in a notice dated 2016.
When selecting a credit repair company, you should be aware of the following warning signs:
demanding full money up front before doing any service or even requesting any data
You aren’t allowed to call the credit bureaus on your own and are advised to provide false information in order to repair your credit
You have no legal rights that are explained, and it is impossible to describe each instance of poor credit behavior.
There are a few things that the Credit Repair Organizations Act, or CROA, mandated the credit repair company to undertake in addition to the red flags that the fraudulent companies may raise, such as:

  • a written agreement outlining all of your legal rights.
  • letting you cancel within three days of the commencement of the work
  • before assessing any costs, the credit firm must fulfill its commitment.

You may want to start doubting the credibility of the credit firm you select or are already working with if they failed to fulfill any of these duties.


A high credit score has several advantages for you. You will be able to take advantage of the benefits of the credit or loan up to the limit, pay a reduced rate for loans and insurance, and also obtain the best services from your lenders.
However, the best and simplest course of action is to get assistance from a credit restoration business if yours is already tarnished. A reputable credit repair business meets all the requirements for a solid credit repair business and charges a fair price.
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